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We believe our work speaks for itself. We have both B2B and B2C products (Espresso and iPuke) and our team has worked on many other exciting projects.


Espresso is a mobile app that makes traveling expenses reports a breese, for you and your company. It takes only seconds to record your expenses, attach the receipts and submit beautiful and smart reports. Get to know more at www.espressoapp.com.br

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iPuke is a card drinking game for you to play with your friends. Each card has a dare: if you're brave, you do it, otherwise, you drink. There are over 260 hilarious dares, and it's the best game you'll ever get to play. Get to know more at www.ipuke.me and download it for free!

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Wanna know more? Check out some of the products we've created or participated in.

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We don't just make apps, we thrive on creating products that make a difference. We love making people's live easier and better (and being on the top of the App Store!)





Meet the team

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Breno Pontes

Passionate mobile developer & guru, has been coding since the earliest versions of Android. Into drawing, tattoos, 3D animation, board games and partying.

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Luiz Gustavo

Mobile and backend developer with passion for new products and startups. Loves playing the guitar, traveling the world, practicing sports and drinking coffee.


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